We introduce Japanese Arts, Foods, Culture and more … for visitors from abroad with Nippon Ryokans (Japanese Inns) as hub basements throughout JAPAN.


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We want you to find out your own purpose to visit Japan. While there are so many places where you will find and meet unknown or hidden “Japan”s, nippon ryokans (Japanese inns) must be nice gates to feel and enjoy them.


Nippon Ryokan.com wants all visitors from abroad who are interested in Japan to find the chance for starting good communication with which they will know more appeals of Japan.


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Why not stay in Japanese Inns (Nippon-Ryokan)?


Where are you going to lodge in when you travel in Japan?


In Japan, there are full of western-style hotels, as well as minpaku (a kind of short homestay) is also recently legally allowed in some areas. You may prefer to stay in a convenient area such as those close to a main railway station, or in a cheap accommodation like a hostel.


It is, however, undoubtedly worth to enjoy something else with Japaneseness in an accommodation like tatami (Japanese straw mat) and futon (Japanese-style bedding laying on tatami), when you visit Japan.


Most Nippon-ryokans (Japanese inns) prepare the half-board plans including dinner and breakfast, with which you will taste nice local foods in a loungy mood.


Of course, there are so many hot spring inns and hotels around Japan. While most of those hot spring facilities are shared by the guests, some inns and hotels have the rooms with private hot spring bath in the rooms with some extra fees.


You will find various Japanese inns and hotels with nice individualities such as a historical building and Japanese-inspired mood even in famous large cities like Tokyo and Kyoto.


Nippon-ryokans (Japanese inns) welcome you with full of warm hospitality.


Please think of staying in such a nice place for your beautiful memories in Japan to remember.